Leave your hardwood floor installation to people who truly know what they’re doing.

http://www.americanhardwoodfloorco.comYou don’t have to know too many men to realize that being a man comes with a fair bit of ego. It’s not an inherently bad (nor an inherently good) thing, but the fact that remains that for many men ego is something that just comes with the territory. This is one of the many arguments that people make when they argue that women should be in more positions of authority in our world as they are less likely to make important decisions just based on their ego or how people are going to perceive them. Regardless of whether or not this is true (there’s likely some merit to it) and how men became this way (evolution?), the fact remains that most men have a sizable ego and it impacts the way in which their life.

One of the negative ways this ego manifests itself is in many men’s inability to ask for help even when they need it. Even if they know they are totally lost, many men simply won’t stop to ask for directions. Even if they know they can’t do a job on their own, they’ll continue to try or will just do the job poorly to save them from the embarrassment. This is exactly how so many homeowners end up with problems in their home. Rather than calling up a professional to handle a job in their home, many men try to do the job themselves and then end up screwing it up.

There are, of course, some jobs that people can do on their own. If you’re looking to paint a room in your home or if you’re installing a new window treatment, you can likely take care of it on your own. However, if you’re looking to take on a major project like hardwood floor installation, then you’re much better off working with a professional. Installing a hardwood floor isn’t as easy as most people would like to think. Heck, even hardwood refinishing is trickier than people realize, since you have to get all of the finish distributed perfectly even across the whole floor or you’ll be able to tell. If refinishing is that hard, then how hard do you think hardwood installation is?

This is precisely why it’s important for every man out there to put his ego aside and make a call to a professional company. Only such companies will be able to tell you what types of wood are going to look good in your home, how much you are going to need to buy, how the wood will need to be cut to fit into certain sections of the home, and where you should begin the process. Of course, you won’t just want to hire the first company you come across. If you’re ready to set aside your ego and get your hardwood flooring put in by a professional company, you can’t do any better in the state of Colorado than American Hardwood Floor Company. Established in 1969, they know exactly what every job needs every single time.


Hardwood refinishing restores and rejuvenates your floors.

http://www.americanhardwoodfloorco.comNow that we know a great deal more about how our actions impact the world around us, an ever-growing number of Americans are becoming concerned about the environment. These people look for their own small ways to contribute to sustainability and to decrease the impact that societies are having on the world around them. At the end of the day, human beings won’t be able to survive in a toxic world devoid of life, so doing small things here and there to ensure the health of the world’s environment certainly isn’t anything to scoff at.

One of the ways in which people are looking to have a positive impact is by decreasing the amount of things they buy. Every product has to be produced in one way or another, which means that everything that’s made takes a toll on the environment. Unfortunately, many Americans are far too quick to buy new things when their old thing stops working. Rather than seeing if they can get their television fixed when it stops working properly, people just ship it to the landfill and go and buy a new one. Of course, sometimes you have to buy new things, but in many cases things could simply be fixed before they are replaced.

This is one of three reasons why many people today are turning to hardwood refinishing. Millions of homes in the United States today have hardwood flooring instead of carpet. This flooring, most people think, looks better, is easier to clean, and lasts longer than carpet. Of course, just because it lasts longer doesn’t mean it lasts forever, and thus some forms of maintenance should be performed along the way. However, when many peoples’ hardwood floors stop looking as shiny as they did when they moved in, rather than getting them repaired or refinished, people just have them torn out and a new one put in. While in some cases this might be the best choice, in many it is not.

For the vast majority of homeowners out there, simply refinishing a hardwood floor is all they need to do to get their hardwood floor looking as good as new. The difference between installing a new floor and refinishing the one you already have in terms of how it will look is totally marginal. You’ll also be doing your part to protect the environment as you won’t be consuming more resources. When you engage in hardwood repair or refinishing, you’re also saving yourself a huge sum of money. Refinishing a hardwood floor will only cost you a couple of hundred dollars; replacing it altogether will easily cost you thousands. Lastly, depending on the size of your home, you can refinish your hardwood floor within a few hours or easily within one day. When you install a whole new floor it could take up to a week. Thus, opting for hardwood refinishing saves you time, saves you money, and helps to protect the planet. Why wouldn’t you go this route? If you need help in refinishing your hardwood floor, contact American Hardwood Floor Company.

Here are the top five reasons that you may need hardwood repair

If you have hardwood flooring, then you already know all of the benefits from hardwood floors. First, you have flooring that will last a lifetime in your home, rather than carpet, that needs to be replaced every several years. Second, you will be adding to the value of your home as hardwood flooring is coveted in homes. Third, your house is going to look sleek, modern, and inviting when you put hardwood flooring in it. It is also easy to clean and will last longer when you have children and pets running across it than tile or carpet flooring. hardwood repair

However, even with hardwood, you may need to invest in hardwood repair. There are a few reasons as to why you may need to repair your hardwood flooring. Listed here are the top five reasons that you may need hardwood repair.

1. It was installed incorrectly. If your hardwood flooring was installed incorrectly, then you may need to have it repaired. This can include loose floorboards that need to be nailed in or loose or cracked floorboards. This is typically needed or found if you bought a house that was carpeted and you pulled up the carpets to find hardwood floors!

2. You just found out that you had it under your old and shabby carpets! If you have just discovered hardwood flooring underneath your carpets then you are lucky! You are also likely in need of either hardwood floor repair or hardwood floor refinishing at the very least. Luckily, hardwood flooring is coveted and to find that you already have them installed makes restoring them much easier!

3. It can suffer from wear and tear such as scratches and dents. Hardwood flooring may also need repaired due to the wear and tear that it can suffer over time. Hardwood flooring lasts a lifetime but also may need damage control or refinishing from time to time. Normal wear and tear can be found in the form of scratches or dents caused by pets or children (or you!) as well as floorboards that have been knocked loose over time.

4. Humidity in your home. Humidity can also cause damage to your hardwood flooring. This is definitely not a reason to avoid putting hardwood flooring in your home but is a great reason as to why you may need to invest in hardwood repair.

5. Stains in your hardwood flooring. Stains may also cause a need for hardwood repair. Staining is something that can be fixed through repair!

As you can see, these were just five of the many reasons that you can benefit from hardwood floor repair. If you are in need of hardwood repair and in the Denver metro area, then you can give the trusted experts at American Hardwood Floor Company a call. They will give you a free estimate for your hardwood repair job. If you aren’t in need of repair but are interested in installing brand new hardwood flooring into your home, then they can help you with that as well! So don’t hesitate to give them a call right away.

Here are the top five types of flooring, including hardwood flooring

If you are interested in renovating your home, then you have many different options that come along with flooring. Flooring is something that you should give a lot of thought to as it is something that gets a lot of traffic. Flooring should also be considered as an aesthetic for your home and will add a level of ambiance to your home, such as hardwood flooring. You will want to consider all of your flooring options as well as how to install them and how much they will cost. Another factor that is important to consider is the longevity of the flooring that you choose. This is important to consider for many reasons as you may be looking for something that will last a long time for your family to enjoy. Another reason this is important to consider is because you will add to the value of your home with certain choices of flooring. hardwood flooring

As there are many great types of flooring that you can choose for your home, there are many pros and cons for each type, such as the installation. For example, hardwood floor installation is something that you will only need to do once as opposed to carpet installation that will need to be replaced often. Listed here are the top five types of flooring that you can choose from.

1. Carpet. One type of flooring that is very popular in homes is carpet. Carpet comes in many different types of forms. For example, you can have carpet in your home that is flatter and closer to the surface. You can also choose carpets that are raised, such as shag carpet, which provide a completely different look to each room in your home. Carpets are popular in bedrooms as well as hallways that lead into bedrooms. When used in larger surface areas such as living rooms or kitchens, carpets are not as popular as they are not as easy to clean and need to be replaced more often.

2. Linoleum or Vinyl.  Linoleum and vinyl floorings are another popular type of flooring that can be found in bathrooms as well as kitchens. They are cheaper and may need to be replaced more often.

3. Hardwood. Hardwood flooring is an all around important type of flooring to have in your home. They look amazing and are easy to clean. If you look under your carpets, then you may be surprised to find that you already have hardwood flooring!

4. Tile. Tile is another type of flooring that is popular in kitchens and bathrooms as well as homes that are in a lot of humidity.

5. Stone. Stone is a great choice for flooring if you want to decorate with an area rug.

As you can see, these were just five of the many types of flooring that you can choose to place on the floors of your home. If you are interested in learning more about flooring, such as hardwood flooring, then contact the hardwood flooring experts at the American Hardwood Floor Company so that they can give you a quote and answer all your questions right away! They have been serving the Denver metro area since 1968 and are the leading experts that will provide quality service that is prompt and professional.